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360° financial planning

FiPlan Suite is an economic-financial planning application that supports management in the analysis of its company, by monitoring key business factors and by generating what-if simulation scenarios through budget hypothesis and alternative scenarios. It allows the assessment of business liquidity in the short-term and the economic, financial and capital impact in the medium- and long-term. It is composed by several application modules that address the various planning areas in a single software solution fully integrated.


  • Single environment for treasury management and financial planning of short-, medium- and long-term
  • Predictive double-entry system that allows full traceability and reliability of data
  • Complete integration with corporate management systems and standard bank flows
  • Planning scenario simulation
  • Configurable reports and dashboards preparation
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FiPlan with RW Consulting

Our consultant team, which expresses functional and technical competences in the field of Financial Planning, will support the entire implementation process of FiPlan. Starting from the analysis of specific needs, step-by-step will be designed a solution tailored to the company that will be guided and eventually made autonomous in the management of the application